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Spas Sports & Gyms
 From fitness to pampering, members can enjoy reductions and privileges at some of the world's finest spas and health clubs. Whether you’re after a personal trainer, a leading gym or simply a gorgeous spa, NaturalMedicines can offer you a range of benefits to help you look – and feel – like a whole new person.

Health & Beauty
If you’re a devotee of some serious pampering – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – then we have a range of discounts and special offers calculated to make you feel fitter, more relaxed and a whole lot more beautiful. There are benefits with hairdressers, nutritionists, masseuses and top make-up artists, to name a few. We keep our tabs on who’s the best in every business – and make sure you know, too.

Shops & Services
Members enjoy a range of special deals and discounts with a wide variety of services. We have solid relationships with the best laundries, tailors, wardrobe advisors, life coaches, caterers and other lynchpins of the efficient household who will not only give members preferential rates, but will also make themselves available on a priority basis.

Whether you want to buy some stunning luggage, a swanky piece of jewellery or the latest must-have off the catwalk, we can source it for you – and often with a special deal or discount. We regularly arrange for members to attend private sales of exclusive jewellery, Indian embroidery, fine cashmere, baby clothes and other special merchandise. We also have personal shoppers on hand who will track down anything from an anniversary or special present to a complete Christmas stocking. And they’ll do it with taste and discretion too.

We have fantastic relationships with the maître d’s of the world’s finest restaurants, and are always ready to winkle out tables and offer our members insider knowledge on which chefs are hot and which are not. Using our dedicated restaurant booking service, we stand the best chance of getting tables for members at the restaurants of their choice.

We regularly feature special offers in our insider newsletter, as well as information on all that's new and interesting in the world of fine dining. Our members know that whichever city they might find themselves in, they’ll always be seated at the best table in town.

Health Concierge
A unique health management service specifically designed for the busiest and most successful people in the world.

For our clients, maintaining and managing good health is not discretionary – it’s essential. Our exclusive range of concierge health, health advocacy and preventive services are there to support you, helping you live the lifestyle you have chosen during the busiest time of your life - when business, travel, finance and family are all competing for your time.

Our services are tailored to the needs of you and your family. Our raison d’être is to make looking after your health easy and accessible. You are in the hands of experts. We help our clients really understand their health, manage proactively their health risks and stay at the top of their game. If problems do arise, and with fast access to the very best clinicians and facilities globally, we are there to help guide and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you would like to discuss whether NM can help you manage your health needs, contact our medical experts today.

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