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How Do I Register?

You can register for better health and wealth on-line at by filling in the - 'Register' form. We will then look at your application and be in touch with you within seven days.

What are the Benefits?

Have a look at our Benefits page where you will see a comprehensive listing of everything that we have arranged for you. We are constantly adding to the Benefits and will keep you regularly updated via e-mail when you become a member.

Will more Benefits be added?

Natural Medicines aims to add at least 12 major benefits per year to the card. Many additional benefits are already in the pipeline and we will make sure you are kept up to date.

Can I buy products from The Store without registering?

No. You need to be a member to have access to the store.

What is the NM Card ?

The card is the means by which you will be recognised as a Natural Medicines member by our partner suppliers and benefit providers. Carry it with you at all times. In the near future you will also be able to use it for discounts in high street stores as well as in our on-line store.

Is there a person I can talk to?

Yes, if you are a member you can call 24-hour Assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your adviser is also a healthcare professional, so you can receive advise without waiting to be transferred.

Whay has the editorial team been chosen?

The editorial team has been chosen because of its expertise in many different fields. Why don't you take a look at the profiles of the team members in the 'Who We Are' section of the site? We think you'll agree you are in safe hands.

Why did you choose the name Natural Medicines?

Natural Medicines were the origin of what has become today as a 'Health & Beauty' market. These 'natural medicines' have now been replaced by more modern treatments, although the origins of which have been brought from these seeds. This site has been brought to you with exceptional properties and services, only of which is available online. Natural Medicines is also a brand new company, created by a group of people who have an obsessive drive to discover the best, the latest up to date information, products and services. Our members are people who believe in uncompromising excellence and will recognise those standards in Natural Medicines.

Whay is Natural Medicines membership only?

Because we believe we can best serve those who share our commitment to excellence members can only belong to Natural Medicines by invitation or referral. Everyone who belongs is given a Natural Medicines card that enables them to purchase products, services and experiences. These can be accessed through Natural Medicines's website, and purchased either on the site or by phone.

Who would benefit from the membership of Natural Medicines?

Natural Medicines is of most help to busy, successful people who value the time saved and the convenience. They are people who value quality and service and can benefit from Natural Medicines's closeness to the inside track and the breadth of its contacts.

Who is behind natural Medicines?

Natural Medicines is run and managed by a group of young, energetic entrepreneurs who see the new economy and new media as a means to enriching their lives. They have surrounded themselves with a team of advisors, their - 'style council', who will act as the editorial team of Natural Medicines, and who will ensure that only the most definitive products and services are represented. You can read more about the team in the - 'About Us' part of the Guest area.

What products and services will natural Medicines offer that cannot ordinarily be found?

Natural Medicines has brought together a number of different products and services unique to the internet, such as a 'virtual walk-in pharmacy', a medical register, and a medicines price comparison engine to source your recommended product at the cheapest price on the net! Through our contacts and business relationships we have made it relatively simple for members to take advantage of these deals. One call or one visit to the website should be all it takes.

What are the vetting criteria to become a member?

Initially Natural Medicines has, like any club, attracted members through word of mouth and referral. As we gather momentum, we anticipate a large number of unsolicited approaches. Clearly we will wish to ensure that potential members understand the value of the service we offer and will make proper use of it. The usual financial references will, obviously, be required.

What is the profile of the perfect NM member?

People belong to Natural Medicines for different reasons. We have a widely based and eclectic membership who value the range of products and services that Natural Medicines offers. We have members from all social classes and income groups all of whom have joined because they share our philosophy of quality, style and service.

If any products or services fail to meet a customer's satisfaction, should NM or the originators be contacted?

Natural Medicines takes responsibility for managing its relationships with its members. If there are any problems, members should come back to Natural Medicines and we will do our best to resolve them.

Is the company going to be UK-based and if so, how does Natural Medicines ensure that products and services to remote parts of the country are satisfactorily delivered?

Natural Medicines uses an established and highly-regarded delivery service to ensure prompt delivery to address our member requires.

How often is the site updated and new products and services introduced?


Natural Medicines claim to be offering a personal service. As much of the client interaction will be on-line, how user-friendly will it be?

Our site is designed to be easy to use, and our telephone service centre operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The operators are multi-lingual and Natural Medicines members will get a first-class personal service.